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L-Theanine can reduce the side-effects of caffeine without limiting the effects of the caffeine itself.

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Supplementing Pterostilbene is done primarily for its ability to protect us from oxidative free radicals abundant in our environment and diets.


Ashwagandha provides much of its benefits from its ability to lower cortisol levels with long-term stress.


Improves mitochondrial health and function, increase vitality, and reduce oxidative stress, to help you to live vibrantly, longer.

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 Nourishes your brain to accelerate learning, enhance focus, clarity and concentration, sharpen memory and intensify motivation and drive.

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DREAM is a nighttime nootropic that nourishes your brain while you sleep, so you wake up better rested and with a stronger and healthier brain.

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BrainXP Boost


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BRAINXP Boost is a natural food supplement to help you feel more energetic, replace sugary snacks and drinks, and reduce cravings.

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BrainXP Focus


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BRAINXP Focus is a natural, vegan food supplement to promote focus, alertness, and relaxation. No more coffee jitters and less fatigue, helping you get in the zone and achieve your peak mental performance.

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A common nootropic, Vinpocetine enhances cerebral blood flow and is believed to increase memory.

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