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Why is L-Theanine the perfect complement to Caffeine?

Caffeine may be one of the most popular drugs around, but it can lead many to experience feelings of anxiety. L-Theanine works to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. With this combo you will feel alert and calm. Perfect for a productive day at work, or enjoying a relaxing afternoon at home.

Like caffeine, L-Theanine is commonly found in tea leaves. Mother nature may have been the first to combine these two, but humans have been making use of the effects of L-Theanine and caffeine for centuries. Now you can maintain your focus and tranquility everyday with the recommended 200mg/day dosage. While this is no miracle pill, it can help to take the edge off your day.

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What should I expect from L-Theanine?

  • Improved focus at work

  • Experience tranquility and calm

  • Reduced stress and boosted mood

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