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Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro labels itself the "Universal Nootropic", and with it's extensive list of 11 brain-boosting ingredients, it certainly lives up to its name. Mind Lab Pro has its bases covered. This all-in-one nootropic stack promotes relaxation, attention, focus, memory, and more. Combining multiple nootropics to create a stack can be quite the lengthy and expensive process for anyone just getting into nootropics. That is why we recommend beginners starting with products similar to Mind Lab Pro, which offer plenty of nootropic benefits, without the need to buy a plethora of different supplements (some of which may interact negatively with others).

Mind Lab Pro is one of the most popular nootropics on the market, and we implore you to check out more on their website below to find out why.

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What should I expect from Mind Lab Pro?

  • Improved Focus

  • Heightened Memory

  • Decreased Brain Fog

What ingredients does Mind Lab Pro contain?

  • 250 mg Citicoline (Cognizin)

  • 175 mg N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine

  • 100 mg L-Theanine (Suntheanine)

  • 100 mg Phosphatidylserine (Sharp PS Green)

  • 150 mg Bacopa Monnieri (45% bacosides)

  • 75 mg Maritime Pine Bark Extract

  • 500 mg Lion’s mane mushroom

  • 50 mg Rhodiola rosea (3% rosavins & 1% salidroside)

  • 2.5 mg Vitamin B6

  • 100 mcg Vitamin B

  • 97.5 mcg Vitamin B12

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